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A must-have for mobile photographers, the Black Eye Pro Kit G4 Lens has the distortion-free Pro Cinema Wide, extra-wide Pro Fisheye, and the Pro Tele Portrait lens ready for your creative shooting endeavours.

Key Features
  1. Double-coated, hand-polished glass lenses produce natural colors while helping prevent unwanted reflections
  2. Comes with 3 lenscaps to shield the lenses from abrasion
  3. Uses a Universal Clip attachment system, making it compatible with laptops, tablets, and smart mobile devices (not included)
  4. Includes 3 pieces of cleaning cloth for gently removing dust and other debris on the lenses
  5. Has a protective zipper travel case with a carabiner hook to safeguard against minor damages during your day-to-day commute

What s In The Box?

  1. 1x Pro Potrait Tele G4 Lens
  2. 1x Pro Fisheye G4
  3. 1x Pro Cinema Wide G4 Lens
  4. 3x Clip
  5. 3x Lenscap
  6. 1x Cleaning Cloth
  7. 1x Protective Zipper Travel Case
  8. 1x Sticker
  9. 1x Manual


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