Logitech Keys-to-Go Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Tablet, Windows, Apple TV, Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Light, Short-Cut Keys, QWERTY UK Layout – Black Keyboards

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Type anywhere you want, anytime you want, on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. The super-slim, super-light Keys-to-Go is small enough to fit anywhere and break out at a moments notice for a quick work email, taking notes in class, and more. Get ready to break free of on-screen keyboards and take the limits off what you can do.

Key Features

Go Pair with Almost Any Screen
Keys-to-Go is super simple to connect to your iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and more. It sets up in seconds with Bluetooth, so you can seamlessly continue sending texts on your phone. Or quickly turn your tablet into a laptop and type away anywhere. It can even help you tap into all the fun of your media center without getting up from your comfy chair.

Go Pack Light and Think Big
At only 6.3 mm thick and 24 cm long, Keys-to-Go is the ultra-mobile keyboard you can take anywhere. When you’re ready, just whip it out and type like crazy.

Go Elegant and Effortlessly Cool
Fashion and function all in one, Keys-to-Go compliments any space. It stylishly integrates into your lifestyle whether you happen to be working in the backyard or at your kitchen table.

Go Type in Hushed Tones
Keys-to-Go looks like a regular keyboard but feels and sounds much different. Actually, it doesn’t sound like much at all. Welcome to silent typing. Type quietly, take notes, send emails, or write up a storm—on your phone or tablet—without disturbing those around you.

Go for a Sweet, Familiar Feel
Keys-to-Go feels great to type on. Enjoy the ease and comfort of a normal keyboard layout whether you’re curled up in a chair camping or on the sidelines of your kid’s soccer game. You’ll get great tactile feedback and perfect bounce every time you press a key—all with impressively fast and accurate results. Plus, a full row of function keys and shortcuts perform your favorite iOS-specific actions.

Go Powered for the Long Haul
Ideas need a home and emails need answers. Right now. Super reliable and tiny-to-tote, Keys-to-Go lets you type for up to 3 months[1] without having to recharge the battery. A battery level indicator light tells you when it’s time to recharge and with the included USB cable, charging is easy.

Go Spill Proof and Life Resistant
“Nooo!” moments happen. We’re ready for them. That’s why Keys-to-Go is wrapped in a smooth-the-the-touch, durable covering. Its liquid-repellent secure seal protects the keyboard from spills, crumbs, and dirt. Toss it in your bag over and over (and over) without worrying about bumps or scrapes. Wipe away messes for simple, easy clean up.[2]

Go Give Your Thumbs a Rest
Some replies demand more than 140 characters. That’s when a portable wireless keyboard is essential. Keys-to-Go features a handy attachable stand for iPhone (or any phone) to rest in an upright, easy-to-read position. Now you can get your work done without uncomfortably hunching over your phone.

[1] Based on 2 hours average usage per day
[2] Power button and charging port are not spill proof.

Additional information

Standing screen display size


Number of USB 2.0 Ports






Item Model Number


Hardware Platform

‎Television, Tablet, Smartphone

Operating System


Product dimensions

‎24.2 x 13.7 x 0.6 cm; 182 Grams

Item Dimensions L x W x H

‎24.2 x 13.7 x 0.6 centimetres



Battery type


Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Item Weight

‎182 g


‎Default Category




‎English, English, English, English



Is discontinued by manufacturer


Date First Available

‎23 September 2019

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4.3 out of 5 stars

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60 reviews for Logitech Keys-to-Go Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Tablet, Windows, Apple TV, Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Light, Short-Cut Keys, QWERTY UK Layout – Black Keyboards

  1. Miss bookworm

    Excellent for iPad

    I don’t do a lot of typing on my iPad so I didn’t want to to pay too much for a keyboard. Logitech make good quality accessories at reasonable prices so I went for this slim lightweight keyboard.It’s excellent. It’s very easy to add to my iPad but not part of a folio cover when I don’t want to use it. The Bluetooth is easy to set up and use and the battery seems to last well. I think a touch typist would find the keys a bit soft and heavy but it works well for me. My only criticism is the tiny on/off switch. It’s awkward and fiddly to use. But other wise this is an excellent product at an affordable price.

  2. fran

    Great and light weight

    Connects automatically and within seconds to my iPadI bought this because other Bluetooth keyboards like my previous one no longer work with apple products that have been updated a certain amount. Not sure why this is but I looked into and it’s a common problem for iOS 15 users it seemsAnyway this one works perfectly and is much less expensive than an actual apple keyboardExtremely light weight and saves me carrying a laptopOnly slight downside is it takes a little getting used to how hard u have to tap the keys, but only a problem first few uses for me and now I notice less 🙂

  3. Amazon Customer

    A great Bluetooth keyboard

    A few years ago I converted from a Blackberry to an Android smartphone, but the one thing I missed was the “proper” keyboard. I have never got used to the virtual keyboard of smartphones, which would s…l…o…w me right down when typing (as my day job is as a typist, you can imagine how frustrating that is). Most of the time I resorted to using my PC for WhatsApp, Messenger and the like so I could type on a normal keyboard. However, I knew this situation couldn’t continue, and so bought the Logitech Keys-to-go… and it’s one of the best purchases I have ever made.The keyboard connects to my phone via Bluetooth, it’s a nice size making it very easy and comfortable to type. I am back up to my normal typing speed when using the keyboard with the phone, and the shortcuts, make it easy to control other parts of the phone as well. Finally, the clip that comes with it, to allow the keyboard to hold your phone upright while you are typing is a great little extra.I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who needs a good all round Bluetooth keyboard.

  4. Pops

    As expected.

    Does what it should.

  5. Angela Sales

    Great Keyboard

    Love the feel of the keyboard and keys. Quiet and really easy to set up. Works like a dream. Size is perfect to take with you in your bag or iPad case.

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  6. J

    Compared to the best (now use with iPad and iPhone)

    Love this keyboard. I’ve tried the Anker and Logitech cover/keyboards and I also use an Apple keyboard with an Incase origami stand/cover. The cover keyboards are okay, slightly clunky and the Apple/Incase setup is excellent but not that portable… The Keys-to-go is fantastic. It’s light, easy to use, thin and fits neatly with my iPad. This is now my go-to keyboard for work and at home (I use the Apple keyboard at home when doing lots of writing though as it is a third longer and more comfortable for longer term use).The travel on the keys is great, better than the Microsoft Surface keyboards (I’ve been lucky enough to try the touch and type one and this beats both).I would say that £50+ is steep for this though as this is the same price as an Apple keyboard which seems like it is better quality. £30 to £35 is a more realistic price point I feel. Nonetheless, I would recomend this keyboard to students and workers alike or anyone doing home admin on an iPad.I should also add that this keyboard works amazingly well with an iPhone 6 plus. I no longer take notes in meetings at work with an iPad, I use this and an iPhone 6 Plus instead (it works well with MS Word and Apples notepad on the phone). I can’t praise this keyboard enough based on how much admin time it saves me.

    11 people found this helpful

  7. C. Salter

    Mixed feelings

    Difficult to say what I feel about this keyboard. One on hand, it’s extremely handy – it’s just a bit larger than my iPad Mini 4 so I’m able to carry it alongside it in it’s case (I use an old iPad 2 case to carry them both in). It’s extremely light and the battery lasts forever.However, typing isn’t the best experience and I’ve found that a number of key presses don’t seem to register. You have to hit the key directly and fairly hard i found to get it register.Yet, it is better than typing long bits of text on the iPad and so it does the job in a pinch. I’ve another less portable Bluetooth keyboard that gets used if weight or space isn’t an issue but this sits nicely in the case as a backup or for travelling. Yet, if I was just going to be typing on this, I think I’d be looking at others, as whilst this is OK, it’s not great. I think I’ve sacrificed to much usability for portability.

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  8. pasacallia

    Fantastic little keyboard

    So I got this new keyboard. It’s so deliciously velvety and red and thin and beautiful. It took a while to connect it because i’m dumb, but I overcame my dumbness and here we are enjoying these profound words on a page! Soooo coool: i i just turned it off, then turned it on and it just woke up and started writing again. Goooooood keyboard!And i can have my keyboard wherever I want and my ipad wherever i want and it’s so easy to type. And I can just give the ipad to someone else and just type messages to them until my heart’s content. I gave my iphone to my secretary and had her walk away from me and 20 meters away she was still getting the messages i was typing! I know i know i could also send whatsapp messages like a normal person but this is way cooler because i can confuse people about what i’m doing. I can even be in a public place and hide my iphone/ipad in my bag and just sit there typing like a total psychopath and nobody would know what hit them. Crazy lady on the tube with a tiny red keyboard on her lap typing without a screen – WITCHCRAFT!!! MuahahahahahahI didn’t intend this to be an amazon review but I thought it was so valuable that I’d share it with the world. So here you are: excellent tiny velvety keyboard. I’ve written all of this without looking at the ipad screen, so it’s anyone’s guess what I said. 5 stars!

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  9. IanIan

    So far so good! Pleased.

    Next day delivery, always good. Pleased so far. Very light, size is ideal, super thin, will slip into a case alongside the ipad. Connects very quickly. Seems to have good range of keys to allow word processor tasks like select, cut, copy, paste, jump to start/end of sentences etc.Also comes with a clip on stand that seems to support an iPad Air perfectly well. I hadn’t registered that was included so a nice surprise. Also comes with USB charge cable.Can’t comment on battery yet, but it came with charge in it, showing green, so lets see.Good service from 3B-IT, who answered an email sent via Amazon, and my question posted, to confirm that they send UK versions that include the much needed £ sign !!Only gripe so far is that its a bit pricey. I think its a £20 product not £30, but hey, its what I wanted and seems to do it well so far.

    7 people found this helpful

  10. pmac999

    It’s small and light…that’s about it!

    Frankly, its size and weight are the only positive things going for it, and even the weight is an issue as it slides around on smooth surfaces. The edges of the keys are ill-defined making it hard to accurately hit any key. In all honesty I spent more time correcting typing mistakes than it saved. Just so frustrating to use, even for short messages. If you want something easy to carry with iPhone/iPad then fine, otherwise avoid. Returned.

    2 people found this helpful

  11. D Massey

    Buttons are wrong

    Very small, very easy to miss type words and two of the buttons are in the wrong place, when I press shift and the key with the @ sign it types the “ sign instead, then when I use shift and press the “ key it types the @ instead. I would of returned this if I noticed sooner. It does have very good battery life and is easy to store and travel with.

  12. Natachips

    Difficult to type on this keyboard

    I’m used to my MacBook pro keyboard, and this one had keyboard keys very difficult to use (for me at least). Couldn’t write a sentence without missing several letters, had to type “harder” than usual and this was not convenient at all…But I still have to admit this keyboard was very practical otherwise: small, waterproof, light.I sent it back and bought the Magic Keyboard instead, which is far better for me.

  13. A

    Small and won’t connect properly to certain devices

    Very small. Not just flat and slim which is a positive thing, but also there’s not enough room between keys to write comfortably – and I have very small hands compared to the average adult.

  14. Char


    This is a UK layout keyboard. I purchased this keyboard as a Christmas present to go with the IPad mini 2(also a Christmas present). I opened the keyboard up to see if it works.This keyboard looks and feels really good. The keyboard is the same width as the iPad mini 2 and the same size as the Samsung tablet 2 10.1 (that I also have).All the keys work perfectly, the only slight problem I have is the # key, I cant figure out how to get that up. I have tried shift and the number 3 but it shows the £ that is also on the number 3( #£ on key 3) If anyone who has this keyboard and knows how to get the # key up then please feel free to let me know!Connecting the keyboard to your IPad is very easy all you have to do is turn on the keyboard using the switch on the side, then press the Bluetooth key button. Once you have done this go into the settings on your IPad, click on blue tooth. It will show keys-to-go straight away. There you go all connected.I would say this is robust and a nice size keyboard that’s also very thin, but sturdy. I would also like to mention that it does cling on to dust or little bits on the back very easily if that makes sense. So a little case/cover may need to be purchased. The keyboard colour I brought was red and it looks fantastic. DD is going to love this.Hope this review helps!

  15. Veronique


    I have had some awful keyboards for my Samsung tablet in the past. This one is excellent! Responsive, good feel, good quality, easy to type on. I highly recommend it. Great compact size makes it portable. A genuine pleasure to use. Love it!

  16. Victor Triverio

    Good keyboad – value for money

    sometimes it’s hard to type correctly due to keyboard is not that smooth when you hit the key itself – but still good thoug

  17. Johnny RobinsonJohnny Robinson

    Lovely concept but poor build

    I was really excited about this product but was disappointed when it was not compatible with my work laptop.I used it with my iphone and iPad and it seemed perfect alternative to the costly apple keyboard but I found that I made numerous spelling mistakes due to the nets being too close to each other and the Bluetooth switch is too fiddly and over time court split the casing.

  18. soph

    Okay but sometimes doesnt connect

    Its very light, very comfortable, feels good to touch, works alright but sometimes it just decides not to connect and doesnt want to write. That’s annoying, especially when im in middle of school work.

  19. Hula Groove Girl

    This has transformed my iPhone for minumum investment!!!

    Wow, this keyboard has just come in the post and I am using it for the first synced to my iPhone 5s. This is AMAZING! Suddenly, rather than nunting & pecking out letter one-by-one, I am typing like a speed demon (I’m a fast touch typer), just like I do on my regular Mac and PC computers.I have recently started commuting by train one hour each wayt and trying to get emails done on my phone, but it takes ages. I don’t want to lug my laptop on the train every day, and not in a position to spend the better part of £600 on an iPad right now. So, I thought I would try a wireless, portable keyboard to see if it would work well with my iPhone.I am so pleased. Best £30 I have spent in the long time! LOGITECH HAS DONE IT AGAIN! (have and love their wireless mouse)The only reason I gave this four stars instead of 10 is that there doesn’t seem to be any kind of track pad, wihich means I still have to reach out and touch my iPhone screen to chose the location of where I want to text to be.Highly recommend. (I bought the red one because it was discounted the most. Wouldn’t be my first choice colour, but to be picky about the colour of a keypad is way too “First World problems”).

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  20. Jaime R.

    It’s great

    The keyboard is very good, it feels very safe and the battery lasts forever, the only thing is that there are some symbols that it does not recognize very well

  21. F M Heider

    Tolle tragbare Tastatur.

    Habe mir die Tastatur bestellt, nachdem ich einige sehr positive Bewertungen gesehen habe. Nun da ich sie selber ausprobiert habe, kann ich sagen, die Tastatur entspricht genau meinen Bedürfnissen. Sie sollte einigermassen hochwertig sein, sehr tragbar und doch zum Blindschreiben mit 10 Fingern funktionieren. Normalerweise tippe ich auf einem MacBookPro und auch auf Standard-Büro Keyboards. Natürlich sind dort die Abstände grösser und der Anschlag knackiger, aber die Logitech Tastatur ist ein super Kompromiss. Nach kurzer Zeit habe ich mich an sie gewöhnt. Ich persönlich finde den Anschlag sehr angenehm. Alles in allem 5 Punkte!

    4 people found this helpful

  22. Mr C

    Great little keyboard

    Lightweight, sturdy, quiet, nicely portable, good height. Worth the cash.

  23. Harmoni

    Stylish and practical! Good value too

    Perfect for popping in your bag without worrying about keys getting damaged or pinging off! Easy to clean!


    Ocassionally connection problems

    I love this keyboard. Really thin and portable. I like the feeling when typing. The only wrong thing about it, its the connection with the bluetooth on the iPad Pro 10.5, in my case. It takes ages to connect, I need to turn the bluetooth on and off, click to “forget this device”, and after that wait like 2-3 minutes till it starts working. And sometimes at the beginning only the functional Keys work, the ones in the first line, but the letter keys not. Quiet weird! But when its connected, it is really good and confortable.

    One person found this helpful

  25. LightJunkie

    Reliable Logitech Quality

    Bought as a gift for grandchild as I have the same keyboard as part of the iPad folio case. She got an iPad Pro for her birthday and I think it’s now umbilically attached …

  26. E

    50/50 feeling

    The keys did not click down fully. So returned it and got a cheaper wireless one that is better.

  27. Felix

    Great Quality and Value

    The build quality of this keyboard is amazing and the feel of the keys is very good. Pairing with my iPad was fast and seamless, took less than 10 seconds, and the connection has been solid and reliable 100% of the time.This keyboard almost turns your iPad into a mini laptop. I downloaded the Microsoft Word app on mine and it felt no different to a full computer, just much more convenient! It’s so easy to carry round due to it’s lightness, and it matches the red Apple smart case I have perfectly which is a nice bonus for those with the same case!Battery life appears to be brilliant, since I haven’t needed to charge it yet during the month that I’ve been using it.I really recommend this product, especially over the Official Apple keyboard as while it looks more premium there is nothing else about it that can justify the price. At around £20 this Logitech keyboard really is a great value for money!

    One person found this helpful

  28. hb

    Nice concept. Poor typing experience

    I really want to like this keyboard. It’s small and light and I like the rubberised finish. However, ultimately the typing experience isn’t great. Maybe if you’re a two fingered typist it’s fine but for touch typing there are way too many missed keystrokes, making the entire experience feel laboured. It’s better than typing on a screen but, for over £50, I expect a lot better.

  29. Pierre86

    Excellent clavier

    Pas facil de trouver un clavier un en France. Heureusement qu Amazon est là. Sinon clavier très agréable et léger en complément de mon iPad Pro 11 2021

  30. Andy Kumar

    Preferred over the official Apple keyboard

    I purchased this to use with my new 10.5″ iPad Pro. I initially got the official Apple Keyboard cover, but did not need a keyboard all the time, and it also lacked function keys. This Logitech keyboard is amazing. Very light, has a number of function keys and connects quickly via bluetooth. It is very comfortable to type on, and highly portable. A stand is included but does not work with my iPad which keeps toppling over, and seems to be made for the iPhone. Would highly recommend.

    3 people found this helpful

  31. Bobby

    Great product

    I used it for the first time yesterday in conjunction with my IPad and it worked very well. It was great with Microsoft word, so easy to use. It is very slim and is brilliant to take outside as it is very light and compact. Having the querty keyboard is great and lends itself to all manner of things instead of the usual iPad keyboard.

  32. michael orafferty

    Super Handy

    Size is small but it’s as advertised and so are most iPad keyboards, there is very little to no click from the keys but that’s to be expected with the type of material, very light very skinny handy little stand it comes with and for a decent price

  33. Rebecca

    Handy on the go

    Simple to use, relatively relaxed position but keys a bit too close together for constant typing. Battery seems to be lasting well, no need to recharge as yet and used for school each day.

  34. Dan

    Logitech have an absolute winner of a keyboard here.

    The keys are really quite nice, very soft, but very tactile with a good amount of travel. The connection is good, very responsive, no lag at all. The keys are all a good size, some smaller ones that are strategically placed. Your not going to want to write a novel on it, but as a secondary device for taking meeting notes and using on the side of the sofa I cannot fault it at all.I’d much rather have this than a keyboard case. It feels pretty robust, it’s very light weight, you would not notice it in your bag. I guess only time will tell, but my initial impressions are extremely good. The only improvement I would like is for it to be back lit, I have a tendency to work into the evening, but maybe a future model. Logitech have an absolute winner of a keyboard here.This review was written with the afore mentioned keyboard…. 🙂

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  35. BenW

    Perfect for my requirements

    Fantastic keyboard, works with my Ipad pro 9.7.I chose the logitech keys to go keyboard over the smart connector cases as 80% of the time i do not require the keyboard and did not want a keyboard case addding bulk and getting in the way.The keys to go keyboard fits nicely into my bag with the ipad adding hardly any extra bulk and weight. It connects via bluetooth automatically when i turn the keyboard on.The typing feel is different to your standard keyboard but i got used to it very quickly and can type at something close to my normal rate. I wouldn’t want to write a novel on it but for emails and short reports it is excellent. The convenience of the keyboard far outweighs any typing issues.There are also keyboard shortcuts for your ipad such as play/pause, volume, camera, search,change app and home.Battery life, I have used the keyboard daily for a month now and have not had to charge it once.

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  36. Koko E.

    Great portable bluetooth keyboard

    Tested on both an iPad and Surface Pro:Pros:- Extremely portable, light and thin.- Universal bluetooth connection which is very stable. No connection / reconnection issues.- Water and dust-proof.- Excellent materials and construction.- Good battery life.Con (sort of):- Keystroke travel distance could be better, but then again, this is an ultra-portable keyboard.- As I’m heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem it would be great if this used the smart connector, however that would detract from its universal appeal.This has to be one of the best portable and universal bluetooth keyboards I’ve used yet—I’ve knocked one star off simply because of the nature of bluetooth and its fiddly pairing when switching devices. If you’re using one solo device then this is easily 5 stars.

    11 people found this helpful

  37. esther

    no complaints !!

    cute little keyboard that i use when i need to type in public. as people have already stated previously the keys could get a little getting used to but personally i had no issue with it.It is clearly also downsized from a regular keyboard but if you’re used to typing on keyboards of ~11inch tablets it’s not too different from thatdue to it being portable it is really flat so I find propping it up slightly on an angle makes it much more comfortable to use 🙂

  38. James

    Very useful bit of kit

    Good price. Very portable. Easily connected. Not very ergonomic, but that is not what I was looking for with this. Excellent for plane travel, connects easily with different devices by bluetooth. Apple and android. Highly recommended.

  39. Paul R. Norton

    You get used to the size quite quickly

    I’ve got hands like matured hams but once my fingers got used to the size of this wafer-thin keyboard everything was fine. Battery life (like all Logitech keyboards) is phenomenal. Absolutely silent and tucks into my iPad case when I’m out and about.

  40. Urs

    Nicely designed keyboard but issues with iPad

    Good quality keyboard. Doesn’t work very well with my iPad Pro. For example Y key transfers as Z, doesn’t recognise £ or ().

  41. Mr. P. Harvey

    Logitech Keys To Go Ultra Portable Keyboard for iPad

    This is an amazing little keyboard which manages to be thinner than my iPad 3. The keyboard’s dimensions are such that it fits easily within the shadow of my iPad. This leads one to the conclusion that the keyboard and iPad can be carried together. By comparison a full size keyboard would have a width far larger than the longest dimension of the iPad and it would have to be carried separately. This ultra light keyboard is no bigger than my iPad and both fit comfortably within my i-stay shoulder bag.Logitech has included a custom, ‘thin’, rechargeable, Lithium cell in the body of the keyboard. The keyboard does not require conventional batteries, e.g. AAAA or AAA. It takes around 2.5 hours to fully charge the internal battery using a 5V power source (not included). I use a portable power source (5V/1A) with a USB port which can be purchased separately. The power source is connected via a short USB cable (included) to the keyboard.Bluetooth v3 is integrated into the keyboard and it provide wireless connectivity (up to 10m) to the iPad which is equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With the keyboard switched ON and the iPad’s Bluetooth switched ON, a link is established automatically within a few seconds. The iPad reports when the keyboard is ‘Connected’ and typing can begin.After a short period of experimentation I soon discovered that typing using this keyboard is much faster than ‘typing’ using a stylus pen upon the iPad’s integral touchscreen keyboard. There is another advantage. My ipad is encased in an Otterbox protective hard shell which includes a protective transparent film over the front of the iPad’s display. This film slightly reduces the sensitivity of the touchscreen so that stylus pressure has to be increased to achieve correct operation. However, with a Bluetooth keyboard a stylus pen is not required because operation relies upon an interchange of low power wireless signals (Bluetooth) in a similar way to laptop / other computer device and wireless router (Wi-Fi). There is little / no need to touch the iPad which can be left is any suitable position. Treat the iPad as if it were a display.I have found it best to lay the keyboard on a flat, hard surface. It is not suited to being placed on ones lap. It is far too light and there is a risk it could flex under light finger pressure. That said, the keyboard is sturdy and has been designed with a degree of rough treatment in mind. The keys are ‘sealed’ against the ingress of particulate material and fluids, e.g., resistant to the spillage of food and drink. When a key is pressed there is a reassuring ‘click’. Since I plan to carry the keyboard with my iPad in a shoulder bag I have purchased a hard shell case for the keyboard. This case is the same size as my iPad and like the Otterbox protects the keyboard.I only have one criticism but not of the keyboard. The included documentation does not include as User Manual which is absolutely essential. However, a User Manual can be downloaded from the Logitech website but if it were printed it would occupy 171 pages! This explains why no paper User Manual was provided with the keyboard, it would be too big. I found the best remedy is to download the User Manual as a .pdf document (28.1MB) onto the iPad and link it to Adobe Reader app’ (also downloadable) so that the User Manual is immediately to hand whenever the Adobe Reader icon is pressed.The Logitech Bluetooth ‘Keys-to-Go’ is expensive but if the iPad user plans to do a great deal of text entry (say), a keyboard is both faster and a more natural method of inputting data.

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  42. tinz

    Feels a bit spongy

    My own fault, but I didn’t realise that this can only hook up to one device. I was going to share it with my children. The keys feel spongy and not like a real keyboard. It’s a bit small for long term comfortable use. But if your just using it for short bursts then it’s fine

  43. Tima

    Small lightweight keyboard

    This does a good job for use with tablet when doing a lot of typing. Obviously less ergonomic than a full sized keyboard but very much better than using the screen. Remember to turn off when not in use to save batteries!

    One person found this helpful

  44. Cesar


    Well I don’t want to talk about battery just yet because it’s a new product and IO don’t use it every day so I would expect for it to last quite long. I am actually typing this review on it. I had the apple Smart Keyboard on my previous iPad and to be fair I preferred the keys and the clever way it integrates the device. However, after a while my connector became very hit and miss and I decided on my upgrade I would not go for it again. This guys is good the spacing between the keys is good and it’s super portable and easy to wipe. The key functions and short cuts are really good and, to a certain extent, better than apples. But, I find the keys quite hard, if you have to type a lot you can feel it…also it would be better if it had a usb c port for use with the iPad Pro 2018. But i always have a dongle with me anyways so that’s nota big deal. I like the little touch they add including the support that connects the iPad and the keyboard together…black would have been nicer but still nice touch. All in all I recommend and it’s way more affordable than apples for sure.

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  45. Rob

    Absolutely brilliant – for a very specific use case

    This keyboard is absolutely brilliant, but only for a very specific use case. If you use your device mainly through the touch screen (i.e. for media, reading email, browsing internet) but with the occasional need to type (short emails, web forms, entering passwords, writing Amazon reviews), then this is absolutely perfect.The keyboard is small, flat, compact, portable and with a long battery life. it slips easily into the case with my ipad and adds basically no additional weight. I don’t have the bulky keyboard case to worry about and detach. It is there when I need it and invisible when I don’t.However, it is a small, cramped keyboard with not great feedback from the keys. If you expect to have to use it for more than about 10 minutes at a time (to write a document for example or spend all day replying to emails) on a regular basis then this is probably a compromise too far for you. you absolutely need a different style of keyboard.For me, and my use case, though it is absolutely top notch. I love that it is there when I need it and good enough, and tucked away in the case when I don’t and I have a lovely un-adulterated tablet to enjoy!

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  46. guydickinsonguydickinson

    The best ‘non-case’ portable keyboard for actually carrying around.

    Summary: light and thin, making this the best portable keyboard for use with an iPhone or iPad.I wanted a keyboard to carry around with a phone, and occasionally use with an iPad. I really don’t want a ‘keyboard-case’. I love the Apple wireless keyboard, and use this with a incase ‘origami’, but that combination is over half a kilo – it’s not ‘casually portable’.So, based on research (discounting smaller, case-style, or heavy keyboards), ordered three keyboards: Logitech Keys to Go, Microsoft’s mobile keyboard, Microsoft’s Wedge keyboard. Wedge is fantastic, but heavy, the mobile keyboard too small (and fairly heavy).Logitech’s the winner – by a long shot. It’s incredibly thin and light (this, plus iPad Air 2, fits in an older iPad case, for example), and the keys have been laid out well – there’s been some good thinking applied here.# Bad:1 – Caps lock above shift – I keep hitting caps lock while typing…I’d rather a ‘long press’.2 – Single Bluetooth profile. I swopped between 3 iOS devices while travelling, and had to spend quite a bit of time deleting and re-pairing.3 – Depth is a little longer than ideal – I can’t comfortably hold the unit in one hand.# Good:1 – Shortcut keys – fantastic. As a long-time Apple Wireless keyboard user, I’d not had the spotlight search, running apps view (i.e. double click view), and ‘home’ – incredibly useful. If only Apple mapped ‘cmd+tab’ to 4 finger swipe gesture in iOS, I’d be in heaven.2 – Weight – also fantastic. Makes carrying this around a no-brainer, and you don’t regret taking it with you, even it doesn’t get used that much.3 – Thinness – great; as thin as an iPad Air 2. Thinness also means a lot for portability. I was able to carry this in the back pocket of my jeans. Not advised for long-term carry, but when you need to free up hands, invaluable.4 – Key action – surprisingly good. I’d read review that said it was ‘mushy’, but I actually like it. Not as nice to type on as a ‘proper’ keyboard, but there’s pleasant, usable key travel.5 – Key width – pretty good. Mirrors Apple keyboard layout pretty much perfectly – good design choices on which keys to shrink, etc. Easy to type on. Spacing’s good. The keys are smaller width than the iPad keyboard, but there’s not much in it. See the photos for comparison.# Ideas (hey Logitech – if you’re listening…):1 – Extend power switch so you could ‘slide’ onto a second or third profile.2 – Would a version without the ‘skin’ have improved typing experience? (although I wonder if the skin provides tensile strength?)3- I’d like larger keys. This would require a longer/wider keyboard…that would be fine with me – more width could likely reduce the depth to maintain same battery mass.

    77 people found this helpful

  47. Ralf W.

    Vorsicht bei der Bestellung

    Ich hatte die Tastatur für mein IPad Air4 gekauft und mich mit dem Angebot im Warehouse locken lassen. Leider hatte ich Übersehen das es sich um die englische Tastaturbelegung handelte. Erst wollte ich die Tastatur zurücksenden, doch man kann das leicht umstellen.Jetzt ist alles in Ordnung und ich bin sehr zufrieden. Super klein und perfekt für bevorstehende Reisen mit meinem IPad. Kauftipp

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  48. Daleswede

    Excellent for use on the go

    I was looking for something to use with my iPad Pro when travelling, but which didn’t require the bulk and awkwardness of a permanent keyboard. My 1st Gen iPad pro had the apple keyboard cover, and i found it cumbersome to use at all times except when actually typing (where it was excellent).I was drawn to the ‘Keys to Go’ because of its size, and some positive reviews, and i didn’t like the idea of many of the alternatives (folding keyboards and the like) which seems susceptible to breaking when carried in a laptop bag.My use so far is quite limited, but i’ve used it for some extended typing sessions, and while i don’t have the largest hands in the world, i’ve found it very easy to use in ‘touch typing’. People with larger hands might want to try before they buy, but for me its been great, and for ladies hands i’m sure it would be too.The tactile response of the keys is just right. There’s enough key travel to be confident that your press has registered, and the near silent operation is great for planes and trains etc.A surprise use … pair it with your iPhone any by simply looping half of your folio type case into the magazine slot on most airline seats, you have a screen a head height, and a perfectly comfortable keyboard on the tray table (great in Notes or working through email backlogs).I can’t comment too much on battery life. It hasn’t needed charging yet, and there aren’t any indicators (although i understand the light will change colour). To keep it safe in my bag it just goes into a divider on its own, and i’m sure it will live quite happily there for many years to come.If you’re considering this versus other portable keyboards, i don’t think you would be disappointed !!

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  49. Tony

    Very neat and portable

    Great keyboard for iphone or ipad very compact, keys are very quiet, so great for the library and coffee shops.

  50. Oran

    its ok

    im a huge fan of logitech products, ive spend 1000s of hours on their keyboards. But my experience with this product has been mixed. Its compact, battery life seems good, its recharage via a usb cable, but im unsure if id 100% recommend itSo its expensive, but thats not my main gripe, i dont like the plastic on it and i wish there was more return on the keys. Its easier than using the virtual kepboard for sure, but is it worth the money……..the jury is still out. Ive some colleagues who use the samsung equivalent, and rate it superior

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  51. Amazon Customer

    Sturdy and easy to use

    It took me a long time to choose a portable Bluetooth keyboard. I assumed I wanted a folding one with a C- type charging port. I gave up on the C port very quickly, as there are very few keyboards offering this feature. I took longer looking at where the folding keyboards folded, and how stable they were in use, but none that I found combined stability with a conventional layout suitable for touch typing.In the end, I chose the Logitech Keys-To-Go. This has an old-style mini USB port, but I can put up with that given that it is absolutely firm and stable in use, and the layout makes it fairly easy to touch type on it. The Logitech video of it shows it being stuffed unprotected into a packed suitcase. I’m mostly using it in the house and take it out in a jiffy-type padded envelope; in a suitcase, I’ll pop it in near the top and hope for the best.Note – there is a layout oddity. The @ sign is above the apostrophe/single quotation mark, and the apostrophe/single quotation mark is above the number 2 – a reversal of what’s printed on the keyboard. Puzzling until you get used to it!

  52. GreenPea

    Very convenient

    It’s perfect with my iPad. Very lightweight, compact and functional but it’s not too small. I’ve had this for some time now and it’s been extremely useful.

  53. Daniel Holroyd-Thomas

    Comfortable typing!

    Comfortable typing, and not squished in the slightest. The Bluetooth pairing process was a bit temperamental at times, but once set up, you’re away!

  54. Dimitris

    Good quality

    It’s really good for using it in a coffe house

  55. Richard Austin


    I’m currently short of cash to splash out on the Apple keyboards that accompany IPads. So I bought this as a ‘we’ll see how it goes’ option. Have to say that after 2 days of use I’m seriously impressed with a bit of it that cost me under £50. It synced immediately, works really well on a flat surface (not on your lap – to be expected) and stacks away well in most wraparound IPad covers / stands.Along with a wireless mouse this keyboard has now transformed my IPad into the stop gap it was meant to be until I can afford the new MacBook Air.Thoroughly recommended.

  56. Pen Name

    Key action is soft

    The keyboard linked efficiently with my Tablet and work well but I find the key action a little too soft.

  57. RysyT

    Great, not perfect.

    The keyboard is of great quality and the included phone stand is a great addition (slightly tight to install, however reassuringly secure). It’s compactness is the keyboards primary selling point and I can confirm that it is not only incredibly compact but also very useable. The keys are not too small to the point where you’ll struggle to type quickly and efficiently.The only niggles are that the power switch is far to small and hard to slide and the charging port is extremely difficult to plug (the included charge cable) into? I don’t know if it’s just an issue on my keyboard, however, it was so hard to put the cable in, I thought it was completely broken!

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  58. limner

    Small, lightweight, portable keyboard for all kind of devices. Not perfect but still a good buy.

    This is a lovely little bit of kit that pairs with any tablet or phone. ( I am using it to type this review paired with a Samsung Android tablet.) The keys are quite responsive and pleasant to use. It is the same size as my 10.1 tablet and very thin and light. I like the feel of the rubbberised surface and was keen to have something sealed from spills, crumbs etc. I am not an expert typist but am able to get up quite a good level of speed and reasonable accuracy with this. It was quite easy to set up too.I decided to get this as I didn’t want the weight or expense of a tablet / keyboard case or being faced with having to buy one for each of my devices. This definitely fits the bill for the occasional keyboard user, being reasonably priced, light and perfectly portable. If I was using a keyboard 24/7 I would go for a full sized model rather than this because I think this is a bit too small to comfortably use for many hours on end but it is great for someone like me to rattle off a few reviews and emails.So far I have found a couple of irritating flaws with it. The quotation marks and @ symbols are not where they are shown on the keyboard, being transposed and it is worth propping it up to use comfortably, as angled is a far better and quieter position to use it from than flat. Although it is remarkably quiet and unrattly to operate. There are very few instructions enclosed except for some rather poorly done illustrations – of the kind that are only of use if you already know what you should be doing – and no specs. This could be better. I will update this review after I have used it for a few months so can comment on battery life and if any other glitches emerge.I had done a lot of research before deciding to buy this and am pleased with it. Okay, it is not perfect but ticks a lot of boxes for me. Small, lightweight, portable, connecting across the spectrum of devices, cheap – when compared to a branded keyboard case. It definitely suits my kind of usage and budget.

    10 people found this helpful

  59. lee4

    Great little keyboard

    I think it is a great little compact size keyboard I bought one for my son to use with his ipad for notes etc for uni and he thinks its good. When I saw it I was impressed and bought one for myself to use at home and for work as I have found it can be used with anything I have bluetooth connection for, does not need to be an apple product, I use it with my Samsung products and it works very well. I think it is a great size to easily carry around, connection works great, no issues with typing at all and love the design – it is so quiet when typing, easy to keep clean and don’t have to worry about spillages.

    One person found this helpful

  60. andrea simpson

    Expensive and didn’t last long

    I bought this keyboard to use with an i-pad. I thought I would order the best as I needed it for work. I found the keyboard okay, but you have to make sure that you are pressing each key properly as it tends to miss some keys sometimes. The bluetooth was easy – just a press of a button and the battery life once fully charged lasted around 5 days. Unfortunately, the keyboard just stopped working one day and I had to replace it as it could not be repaired. I might have been unlucky here.

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