Portable USB Hand fan Mini Rechargeable


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Featured Handheld Fan Give you a summer without the heat

Simulate natural wind comfort Easily blow away sultry skin and breathe naturally

Small and Light to Carry Only 150G lightweight design No burden to pack Bring the wind with you anytime, anywhere

Hand-held Vertical I’m Enough for Dual Use

Long battery life Multiple Charging Methods Built-in large-capacity lithium battery has strong endurance Support multiple charging methods such as power bank, computer, charging plug, etc.



Power Consumption: 4W

Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh

Hours of Use: 3-8 Hours



Instructions for use:

1. Use a 5V USB charger, and use MICRO 5PIN for the charging cable connector

2. The red light is on when charging, and the green light is on when fully charged

3. Press the key to turn on for the first time, the wind power is in 1 block when starting, the blue light is on; press the second time, the wind is in 2 gears, and the blue light flashes Blink 1 time; press the third time, the wind is at the highest level, the blue light flashes once; press the 4th time, the fan stops, and the blue light goes out

4. The fan can be used when charging, the red light is always on

5. Accessories: MICRO5PIN charging cable

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