Samsung Galaxy Watch3 45mm LTE (Black)

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Style meets intelligence with Galaxy Watch 3. Classic and timeless, this watch is designed to impress. Working seamlessly with your compatible smartphone to enhance features and seamless usability, Galaxy Watch 3 gives you the freedom of cellular connectivity and is connected to your phone, so you can stay in touch with what’s important to you – wherever you go.

Key features

Seamless connectivity
Amazing-together and apart. This watch easily pairs with your compatible smartphone for seamless connectivity. Smartphone connection gives you the freedom to take your contacts, messages and music with you. *

Smart Control
Effortlessly connect your music and camera-straight from your watch. You can even use the scroll feature on your watch to manage business presentations with PowerPoint. **

Timeless design
Make a statement with our classic and intelligent smartwatch. This timeless design suits any occasion, from the boardroom to the running track and beyond.

Work out anywhere with access to 120+ fitness programs to play on your compatible phone or TV. Realtime running coach is designed to keep you on track with efficiency. *

Health and wellness
Galaxy Watch 3 is designed to help keep your wellbeing in check with incredible health monitoring features. Women’s Health and SleepScore helps you manage your rhythms and Fall Detection is designed to give you peace of mind. **

Go hands-free
When life gets busy, Galaxy Watch 3 gives you the power to go hands-free with gesture controls, emojis and personalised avatars for quick and run responses.


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